10 Easiest Cut Flowers to Grow for Beginners

You want to grow a backyard cut flower garden. . . or maybe you’re even thinking about starting a flower farm and turning your love of growing flowers into a business. But you’re a complete beginner and you don’t know where to start. Here’s 10 easy to grow annual cut flowers, plus links to help you in your flower farming journey.

Download your free, simple, cut flower garden plan: https://red-dawn-1101.ck.page/be4f35098e

Cut Flowers Made Simple: https://www.shiftingroots.com/cut-flowers-made-simple/

Bouquets Made Beautiful: https://www.shiftingroots.com/bouquets-made-beautiful/

Binge on all my posts about cut flowers: https://www.shiftingroots.com/the-cut-flower-gardening-guide/

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