Easy no dig flower bed – Prepare a garden bed

No Digging & Less Weeds! Learn how you can use the “no dig” gardening method to create a brand new flower garden bed without having to dig up all the grass! This is also called “sheet mulching” and it’s a much easier process that having to till all of the soil.

This is the easiest way that I’ve learned in my many years of gardening to make a new garden bed from scratch. It’s really a lot less labor-intensive – no need to remove all of the grass, no need to till up the soil, no need to till in the compost. All of that effort resulting in a ton of weeds. This process used to be so frustrating for me and actually stopped me from enjoying gardening. But now… I’m throwing newspapers all over the place and starting beds without much effort at all.

Read More: https://www.prettypurpledoor.com/no-dig-flower-bed/
Mulch/Compost Calculator: http://www.lawntogarden.org/materials-calculator

Materials for no dig flower bed
– Rolled cardboard, recycled cardboard or lots of newspaper
hose with nozzle
– tape measure (to measure your space and calculate mulch and compost amounts)
– spade shovel
– garden gloves
– compost
– mulch
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