How to grow salad with hydroponics: bring your garden indoors

We’re on the hunt for a foolproof way to grow salad indoors and grow more of the food we eat. We’ve set ourselves a challenge to see how much green goodness we can grow right here in Hubbub HQ.

Being on the 3rd floor in central London presented a problem in terms of traditional growing and it’s a little too soon to crack out our window boxes (which will be coming in the spring), so we’ve opted to use a Hydroponics kit which allows you to grow without sunlight or soil. This isn’t by any means the only means to grow indoors and there are plenty of cheaper options if you don’t want to invest in a full hydroponic kit.

This version with all the bells and whistles cost us just under £200 from Ikea ( but there are cheaper options especially if you’re only looking to grow a couple of things so shop around to find the best deal for you!

Our precious seedlings are on the very first stage of their journey from seed to plate but in a few weeks time we should start seeing the first shoots of watercress, amaranth, romaine Lettuce, parsley, mustard, pak choi basil, chard, rocket and coriander.

Needless to say we are giddy with excitement, but this is the first time a lot of us have tried growing food so, if you are already growing in your office or at home and have some green-fingered wisdom please pass it on in the comments below!

Equally, if like us, you’re just starting growing for the first time get in touch and let us know how it’s going. Take up the challenge and see just how much food you could grow in your office or bedroom!

We’ve estimated you could save around £50 a year by growing your own veg. This is based on the average family wasting £470 a year on food, about a quarter of which are veggies and salad. Minus the cost of the kit, growing your own will still save you £’s on your weekly shop!

Get more tips on growing salad, keeping it alive and what to do when it’s past its best head to

Find out more about indoor gardening check out these great tips from Planet Natural

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*no salads were harmed in the making of this video.

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