Hydroponic Grow Lights 101 Tutorial Indoor Garden System

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To figure out which grow light kit is the best, you need to educate yourself. Top quality digital electronic ballast grow light system 101 you’ll find!

This is a complete comprehensive guide on everything you need for a working indoor grow light system. We break down everything from the digital ballast and aluminum reflectors all the way to the 24 hour mechanical timer and hanging kit. Grow lights are a requirement for any indoor grow and can be utilized in 1000w systems all the way to 400w HPS or MH systems.

We made sure no question is left unanswered for anyone who wants to start their very first indoor garden, whether with hydroponic or soil. We plan on expanding this video series so if you have any suggestions on grow tents, specific digital dimming ballast functionality, or hydroponic tips, let us know in the comment section below!

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