Hello friends! Today I walk you through my vegetable garden, and discuss compact companion planting with flowers. This is known as “ cottage gardening”. I talk about what each flower offers to the garden such as attracting Beneficial insects, and repelling bad bags. I even mention a couple of edible flowers that are a great edition to your salads. I want to know your thoughts on this, what you use, and what I missed. 🥰️#cottagegardening #companionplanting

-Mosquito Repelling Patio Planter-Commentary On Each Plants Benefits

Mixed Coleus Planter-Container Gardening-Shade Garden Plants

Planting-Mixed Herb Pots-Mixed Shade Garden Pots

Heres a list of each flower mentioned in this video.

Attracts bee’s, butterflies, and beneficial wasps. Repel Deer, and rabbits.
Both leaves, and petals are edible. Repel squash bugs, and beetles. Great ground cover, and hanging, or climbing with help.
Attract lady bugs, which eat aphids. Repels garden pests both above, and below ground. Rabbits avoid these plants, and so do Mexican bean beetle, squash bugs, thrips, tomato hornworms, and white flies.
Repel deer with strong fragrance, also ticks, green cabbage moths, and mice.
Attract beneficial bees for pollination, green lacewings which eat aphids, scale, and thrips.
Attract bees, and hummingbirds which eat aphids.
Attract beneficial insects like hoverflies. They look like a tiny wasp, but do not sting, or bite. These hoverflies, and there larvae eat aphids. It also attracts ground beetles, and fireflies. the larvae from these insects hunt slugs. The roots of alyssum is very shallow, and does not interfere with the growth of garden veggies. The best vegetables to plant with alyssum is Swiss chard, cabbage, celery, spinach, and lettuces.
This flower should be planted elsewhere in your yard to lure aphids away from your garden. It does repel insects that attack asparagus, and tomato.

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